Kodiak cake fakes are fake

In an interview with the Irish Times, a spokesperson for Kodiak Cake Company said that all of their cakes are authentic and that they do not manufacture or sell them.

Kodiaks cakes are known for their quality.

They are made from a natural product that is gluten-free, sugar-free and soy-free. 

The company, which has been in business since 2013, is also known for making cookies that are both gluten- and sugar-Free.

Kali, a gluten-Free chocolate bar that was created by the company, is one of the products that have made the rounds. 

Kali has made its mark in the US as well.

Kali’s CEO, Marko, told ABC News that they are proud of the fact that their cakes and cookies are certified gluten-and-sugar-free because they are based on the original recipe.

“They are so delicious and delicious,” he said.

“It is a testament to our passion for the gluten- free community that Kali has been able to create a line of gluten-safe, gluten- & sugar- free chocolate bars.”

While the Kali Chocolate Bar is the first gluten-saturated chocolate bar to hit the market, the company has been making other cakes that are not only gluten-containing, but also dairy-free as well, as well as vegan-friendly.

The Kali Chocolate Cupcake, for example, is made from coconut milk and coconut butter, but is made without gluten.

The company also makes gluten-laced chocolate bars, and even gluten-friendly chocolate cake, which they sell at the Kaleidoscope Food Market in Dublin.