How to Make A Bubble Cake in 10 Minutes and Still Look Good in a Photo

Posted October 02, 2018 09:06:55If you’re a bit of a foodie, you might already be familiar with the world of bubbles.

The process is simple: you melt the sugar and water together.

After that, the water and sugar mixture are mixed with baking powder and egg whites.

The final product is a thin, creamy layer of cake.

But for those of you with less adventurous tastes, this cake recipe is just a few steps ahead of you.

The recipe comes with step-by-step photos so you can follow along at home.

First, you need a baking sheet.

If you’re using a standard baking sheet, use the one that comes with your mixer.

If not, a parchment-lined baking sheet works well too.

The baking sheet has two sides: the bottom side is used to hold the cake.

The top side is where you put the flour.

To make the filling, mix the sugar, baking powder, and egg white into a bowl.

You can also add the milk and butter.

Add the flour to the bowl.

Stir in the baking soda and salt.

If using a stand mixer, add the flour in one big lump at a time, then add the egg whites, mixing on low speed for about a minute.

Add all the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until combined.

When the batter is just beginning to bubble, it’s time to cover the cake with plastic wrap.

The dough will stick to the sides of the baking sheet so make sure it’s well-coated and sticky.

If the cake is too wet, you can add a little more water to help the cake hold together.

You can also make the cake as you go.

To do this, add more water as needed.

If it’s too wet and sticky, you may need to add more flour.

If this happens, add a small amount of flour at a level that won’t stick to your work surface.

If that doesn’t work, add another teaspoon at a higher level.

The batter should be smooth enough to spread on a surface, but not sticky.

Fill the prepared baking sheet with the batter and place it in the fridge for at least 10 minutes.

To reheat, put the cake in the freezer for 30 seconds.

If you have a stand-mixer, you’ll need to use a smaller bowl or spatula.

Once you’ve made the filling and baked the cake, you don’t have to use the larger bowl to add the rest of the ingredients.

To decorate the cake: bake it in a greased 12-inch square pan.

Let it cool completely before cutting the top into pieces and decorating with ribbon.

To serve the cake or add the cake to a cocktail: put the top in a small mug with ice, then pour the contents into the mug and serve.

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