Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray ‘stuck’ at 3 yards for 1st time this season

Cowboys running back DeMarco Robinson had one of his more frustrating seasons this season, and the team has to hope that he is not going to be a problem on Sunday.

It was a difficult start for Robinson, who went 4-of-10 for 28 yards with two interceptions.

The Cowboys’ rookie running back has struggled in the past when given time to carry the ball, but this was his first game with the ball in his hands and he struggled to gain traction.

The big concern for the Cowboys this season has been the quarterback position.

The team has two quarterbacks who are under contract through 2020, and both of them were benched in Week 6 against the Saints.

This has led to a lot of uncertainty at the position, with no clear starter in mind.

The Cowboys are hoping that rookie QB Dak Prescott will have a big impact on this game.