Why The Latest Apple Cake Is the Most Anticipated Cake of All Time

The latest Apple Cake is the most anticipated cake of all time, according to the Associated Press, which cited a survey of 1,000 people published Monday by the Associated Publishers.

Apple’s cake is the third most anticipated Apple Cake ever, ahead of the “Wedding Cake” of 2017.

The Cake is currently the #1 most anticipated dessert on Twitter, and has a daily active user base of 2.7 million, according the AP.

Apple has yet to confirm the news.

The Cake is now the most talked about dessert ever on Twitter and is also the most watched cake on YouTube.

The news of Apple’s cake coming to fruition was first reported by CNNMoney and has been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

Apple’s Cake has been trending on Twitter for the past week and is the number two trending topic on Twitter with over 4.4 million views.

According to the AP, Apple’s Apple Cake has become one of the most-anticipated Apple Products in history.

The cake has also been one of Twitter’s top trending topics.

Apple was founded in 1906 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Steve Wahlberg.

Apple was a pioneer in the development of wireless technology, digital audio and the Internet, and later expanded to include computers and the Apple II computer.

Apple launched the Apple Watch in 2013.