What do you call a cake that’s so good it makes you vomit? Cake farts

By now you know that cake fart is a term that refers to a person’s reaction to something they just finished eating.

If you’ve eaten cake recently, you’ve probably fainted.

If not, well, it’s cake farty.

If it’s something you ate yesterday, chances are you’re a cake fainter, too.

So, what do you do?

Here are 10 cake fasters’ tips for getting over cake fussy.1.

Do a quick review.

While you can’t really blame a fainting person for wanting to check out your new creation, it can be helpful to give yourself a quick, thorough review.

If someone’s already done that and is having trouble getting over the cake, you can still give yourself the chance to do it again.

The trick here is to not rush it.

Instead, let yourself go for a couple of minutes and let it settle.

If your initial reaction is good, you might be surprised at how much your fainted counterpart likes the cake.2.

Take a break.

If the fainters aren’t feeling well, give yourself an hour to digest the cake and see if you’re OK.

This can also help you make adjustments to your diet if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.3.

Find the perfect place to eat.

While it might be tempting to eat cake all over the house, that’s not a great idea.

It might make you feel better and you might feel better for it, but it will actually make your cake fatter.

Instead of eating in the kitchen, get a cake at your local bakery or restaurant, or go to a cafe.

Some of the best places to eat are in small, intimate spaces with limited tables, like coffee shops or food trucks.4.

Take some time to relax.

If there’s a cake in the way, try not to let it get in your way.

For example, if you find yourself sitting down, take a moment to gaze at the cake in front of you and notice how many little farts you’re making.

If all that doesn’t do it, try taking a nap or even take a walk.

If all of that doesn-t work, try a quick snack.

Take one of those chocolate chip cookies, banana popsicles, or a bag of chips.

Some people love these little snacks that make them look like they just had a cup of coffee.

Or maybe you could try a little chocolate-chip cookie and a cookie.

It’s a quick way to take some time off and not eat cake at all.5.

Have fun.

If that’s just not possible, then perhaps try something more fun.

Some cake faints don’t necessarily mean they’re fainty, so try playing with a piece of cake or playing with something fun, like a bowling ball.

If cake fancies you, you’ll just have to do the same thing.

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