Why does this cake look like a unicorn birthday cake?

I guess it looks a little like this unicorn cake: I am so happy to see unicorns coming out of nowhere, they seem so much like me.

They are just so cute and adorable.

I think the first time I saw this cake, I was blown away by the amount of love and support the unicorn cake received.

It is so amazing.

It has been very emotional for me to share the news with all my friends and family.

And for the first and only time, a rainbow cake is being sold at a stall in Mumbai!

It all started on October 27, 2017, when a stall owner named Virendra Singh decided to sell rainbow cakes.

He has since since opened three other stalls across the city.

Singh’s dream is to sell 100,000 unicorn cakes a year, and he says he is looking to raise Rs 25,000 for his stall.

Singhs stall is located in Mumbai’s Karkhabad area.

The stall sells a variety of rainbow cakes, but the one he is selling here is a speciality called ‘unicorn cake’.

It is made of two cakes made of the same material, but it is decorated in a different rainbow colour.

The unicorn cake is made with the following ingredients:A cake of the rainbow colourThe cake itselfA cake mouldThe unicorn mouldThe unicorns skin, hair and earsThe unicorn, hair, hair accessoriesThe unicorn crownThe unicorn’s horns and tailThe unicorn faceThe unicorn head, horns and tailsThe unicorn hornsThe unicorn tailThe rainbow crownSinghs unicorn cake was unveiled on October 28.

Its unique design has not gone unnoticed by the rainbow community.

There are several rainbow websites and social media accounts dedicated to the rainbow cake.

It got a lot of support on Twitter, with users calling the unicorn ‘the unicorn of India’.

Singh says that it is not just his stall that has been flooded with support from the community, it has also come from across the country.

Singhas stall is a unique example of what he calls ‘a Unicorn Cake Nation’.

The stall is part of the ‘unicorns village’, where it is possible to buy rainbow cakes in a special way.

“There are only two stall owners in the entire village.

So, all of us have shared a common dream of making a rainbow product and having the rainbow country celebrate it with our own unicorns.

We want to create a community of love,” said Singh.

Singhis stall is the first stall in India to be open to the public.

He hopes that the next stall will be opened in a month.