Why The Black Forest Cake Is A Must-Have For The Holidays

Black Forest cake is a must-have for the holidays! 

Black Forest cake, one of the many holiday desserts, is the perfect way to enjoy this cake. 

The cake is moist and fluffy, and the cake layers beautifully in the oven. 

Here are a few of my favorite black forest cake recipes! 

This is a delicious black forest dessert. 

Black forest cake is traditionally made with coconut and sugar. 

Coconut is often used as the base for the cake, and you will often see coconut milk or coconut oil as the topping. 

This cake is so light, it can be baked in the microwave, but the flavor is rich and flavorful. 

A light, moist layer of black forest is layered atop a light, fluffy layer of coconut. 

I love to top this cake with fresh, fresh coconut milk. 

If you don’t have coconut milk, you can substitute the vanilla extract for one cup of sugar.

This is the ideal dessert to serve with white rice.

This cake has the perfect balance of coconut and cocoa, and is sweetened with vanilla. 

For a cake that’s rich and chocolatey, I would add a little chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips. 

These cake layers are a perfect way for a light dessert to be served with a lighter dinner. 

White rice is a great dessert to make at home with friends, and this cake is the best example of how to use white rice in this recipe.

You can easily make white rice cakes by using a bundt pan and baking on a cookie sheet. 

Try making this white rice cake at home in advance of Thanksgiving. 

You can also use a bundter pan for this cake and serve it at Thanksgiving dinner parties, or make it ahead and store it in the freezer. 

Want to make more Black Forest cakes? 

I made a cake called Black Forest Sugar Cake. 

It is made with black sugar and coconut milk and features a layer of dark chocolate, coconut milk (or coconut oil), and a layer with chocolate chips and vanilla extract. 

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