What to do with a peach cake you never wanted?

The orange cake is usually one of the most popular, but what if it turns out that the fruit itself is a bit of a lemon? 

A lemon cake would be a lovely addition to a meal, but there’s something to be said for a bit more flavor. 

Here are six recipes that might not seem like they could go together, but are absolutely perfect. 


Chocolate CakeWith some chocolate cake and a little vanilla, this would be just the thing to bring to a party or a holiday gathering.

It’s the perfect addition to any cake or chocolate chip cookie.2. 

Lemon CakeCreamy lemon cake with a touch of vanilla cream sauce, lemon and chocolate cake, topped with a crunchy chocolate mousse and drizzled with whipped cream. 


Cherry PieThis simple pie crust would pair wonderfully with a chocolate cake. 


Caramel CakePineapple cake and orange cake paired with vanilla and lemon cream sauce and whipped cream, these are the perfect desserts to bring back for Christmas. 


Orange CakeThis classic cake is perfect for a holiday brunch. 


Chocolate CakeWith a touch more cream sauce with a dash of vanilla and an orange twist, this orange cake would make for a perfect Christmas dessert.


Vanilla CakeCake and a touch orange sauce, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of powdered sugar.


White Chocolate CakeCreme brulee with vanilla, lemon, chocolate, and strawberry, this dessert is the perfect way to end the holidays.9. 

Strawberry CakeVanilla, orange, strawberry and coconut whipped cream topped with strawberries, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar, this strawberry cake would taste even better with a few layers of whipped cream!10. 

Berryberry CakeCrumble of powdered vanilla cream and berries topped with vanilla ice-cream, powdered sugar and strawberries.

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