When Walmart, Walgreens, and Other Companies Join Forces to Bring You Free Funfetti Cake

Walmart has teamed up with Walgreen, which is the third largest grocery chain in the United States, to offer customers the opportunity to get free funfetti cakes at participating Walmart locations nationwide.

The partnership is being called Walgreway, and it is a free event that Walgrees customers can join.

“As a family-owned company, we know our customers need fun in their lives,” said Mark Clements, Walgreen’s senior vice president of customer care and strategic partnerships.

“With Walmart and Walgros customers able to get the free funs at participating locations nationwide, we are bringing the excitement and fun factor to families with families in mind.

We are excited to partner with Walmarts innovative new service, Walmays free fun, to bring a whole new level of fun to families in our stores.

We want to extend the fun to our customers by making them the center of attention at the table with funfettis and more.”

The Walmart store in Fort Worth, Texas, where the free cake event will take place will be located at the Walmart Food Market.

It is expected to open later this month.

Walmart’s funfette service is available to its 1.3 million U.S. customers and has been in use for over 20 years.

Walgreens has more than 3,400 locations across the country, including its largest in the U.K., where it operates more than 4,000 stores.