When a cake looks as good as a royal wedding cake, you might not have to go far for a cake in Victoria

If you love cakes, but are stuck with a single, gorgeous piece of cake, there’s one for you.

It’s a cake that looks like a royal ceremony.

It even has a royal bride.

But it doesn’t look as good in the photos.

Victoria’s first royal wedding ceremony took place at the Gold Coast’s Cottesloe Park in late July.

The groom was a royal groom, the bride a royal couple.

The cake was made by the cake maker, who was in the same workshop as the royal couple when they made the cake.

“It was a bit of a surreal experience,” cake artist Paul Kelly said.

“I just love cakes.

I really do.”

Paul Kelly worked with the Royal Family to create the cake for Victoria’s royal wedding.

“When I started out, I was a little bit nervous because I was not a cake artist.

I was actually making cakes for a little while, but it was always my passion,” he said.

Mr Kelly said he had always enjoyed making cakes and would have loved to work with the royal family.

“You never know how you’re going to be recognised by the royal wedding,” he laughed.

“But I love it.

I love baking, and I love the royal cake.”

The wedding cake was not made by a cake maker.

It was made in a special workshop.

“This was a special opportunity to work on something special for Victoria, and the cake was a perfect fit for the occasion,” Mr Kelly explained.

“We’ve been baking cakes for the royal families for a long time, and this was our best result yet.”

Mr Kelly’s cakes have been selling out.

“The only problem is, there are only so many people that want to buy a royal cake,” he added.

“If I can do something good for Victoria I’ll do it.”

He said his cakes were a great help to the people who make them.

“My wife works in the cake industry, so it was great to get the opportunity to make a royal marriage cake,” Mr Davis said.

His cakes have gone from strength to strength, but his cakes have a long way to go before they’re selling.

In a couple of weeks, it’s going to go up,” he concluded.

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