When you can’t eat your cake, you can make a cake out of it?

A cake that’s been frozen for years is now making its way into India’s popular food market, with the popular dessert known as jojo sikha (white cake) being popular with customers.

Jojo sikkha is traditionally made with milk and sugar and is a favorite for people looking for something sweet.

It’s also known as white cake.

The recipe is not that different from the one made in Nepal, said the owner of the popular cafe in the southern city of Ahmedabad.

“The white cake is similar to that in Nepal.

We make it with milk, sugar and flour.

We add salt and baking powder and mix it well,” said Ramesh Gupta, a former owner of a similar cafe in Ahmedabad that also serves jojo cake.

He added that the cake is also known in other countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

“There are several places in India where people make jojo-sikkha for dessert.

We have a bakery in Mumbai where customers are also fond of this dessert,” he said.

Gupta said the popular cake is not just for a special occasion.

“It can be made for any occasion.

It can be served to guests and can be used for entertaining,” he added.

He said that jojo is also popular in countries like Indonesia and China.

The dessert is traditionally served at weddings, weddings for funerals, weddings and other celebrations.

Guptas family started the cafe after moving to India from Nepal in 2016.

He opened the cafe in March 2017 with his son Rakesh, a teacher, and two of his cousins.