Dog patrol cake recipe inspired by Australian bushfires

A dog patrol cake made from melted dog biscuits has been made famous around the world.

Dog biscuits have been a part of Australian bushfire culture since at least the late 19th century.

Now a new breed of dog biscuits is being developed to celebrate the fires, and a new recipe for the cake is on the menu.

The Australian Department of Agriculture has been looking for a recipe for dog biscuits for a number of years, and was looking to create a biscuit that was both tasty and unique.

“The biscuits are sweet, they are rich and they have that rich flavour that you really can’t get from any other biscuit you can buy at a supermarket,” chief executive of the department, Andrew Smith, told ABC Radio Hobart.

In the early days, the department had a couple of biscuits to try.

One of those was a dog biscuit made from a biscuette made from dried biscuit, which had been baked and then ground into a smooth, soft and gooey consistency.

Smith said the biscuit had a really distinctive flavour and the quality of the biscuettes had to be perfect for the taste of the biscuits.

But then, in the early 2000s, the biscut industry went into decline.

By that time, the Australian biscuit industry had been in decline for a decade and was now losing money.

To save the biscuits industry, Smith and his team at the department created a recipe using a combination of baking and drying techniques.

It was a combination that worked well for the biscue industry, and Smith said the biscuits were a success.

They were sold in supermarkets and then to restaurants and then eventually to restaurants around Australia.

He said it was also a success for the community.

After the Australian fire disaster, Smith was able to reach out to a couple friends and asked them to create dog biscuits.

“He said, ‘Do you have any biscuits that you’d like to see me bake?'”

Smith said.

At the time, Smith had never baked a biscut before, so he decided to make his own.

Once he had the recipe, he was able use the ingredients he had learned at the biscuity factory to create the biscuits, including baking them from scratch.

And he said the result was so good he had to take them out to the bushfire area in the north.

His wife, Julie, and their two dogs were also there.

“[The biscuit] was made in a couple days, and then I got to go out and see the fire,” Julie Smith said of her husband’s success.

“It was amazing.”

The biscuits are now being sold in pubs around the country and in other places around the nation.

ABC Hobart’s Ben Raby contributed to this story.