Which is better? Cake or cake mix?

Cake or cream?

The best way to choose the right cake is to get the cake mix, the research suggests.

In a recent review of more than 50 studies, researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., and other institutions found that cake mix is better for health than cream.

And that is because the flavor of cake mixes is better absorbed by the body, the researchers wrote.

“Our findings suggest that cake mixes provide greater nutrients to the body than do cream and that cream can cause negative effects,” said lead author Jennifer E. Schleifer, an assistant professor of pediatrics and nutrition at Northwestern.

“So, if you want to enjoy a cake with buttercream frosting, cream and creaminess, you should choose cake mix.”

The researchers noted that cake-and-cream mixes are made by mixing cake ingredients with other ingredients and then baking them into a batter.

However, they said, cake mixes may not provide enough nutrients to make the best health cake.

Cake mixes, made by a bakery, can also have a more complex texture, and the flavors of some of the cake mixes are similar to those found in the cake, such as buttercream.

Schlesifer and colleagues analyzed more than 400 studies and found that the cake and cream mix provide more nutrients than do cake mix and cream.

For example, the cream is richer and more stable, while the buttercream is more watery and can easily break down.

The researchers also found that when mixed into cake batter, cake mix provides more calories, fat, fiber and protein than does cream.

They also noted that a lot of the research focused on how to add different flavors to the batter to create healthful cakes.

But, Schlesrier said, the more complex the flavors, the better.

“If you mix different flavors together, the flavor can be stronger,” she said.

She and her colleagues recommended mixing the cream and buttercream together in a recipe with 1 cup cake mix per 1 cup cream or 1 cup buttercream per 1/2 cup cake, depending on the size of your cake.

The cream and the butter are also best mixed with milk, if available.

The study appears online March 12 in the journal Pediatrics.

For more health news, visit the Associated Press Health and Science section.

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