Australia’s most expensive cakes to buy online: The best cake and the most expensive chocolate cake

The price of cakes and chocolate are becoming increasingly out of reach for many Australians, as prices on some online stores are soaring.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned consumers to expect a steep rise in the cost of some products, including cakes, chocolate, cakes made from sugar and chocolate bars.

In February, the ACCC reported a significant rise in Australia’s average cost of buying a cake in the $8,000-$9,000 range.

The ACCC found the cost jumped to $11,927 for the “average Australian household cake”, up from $7,903 for the same time last year.

The commission said the price of a chocolate cake rose from $3,839 to $6,845.

Cake prices in the US have also jumped.

The average price of the chocolate bar in the United States increased to $3.19 from $2.79.

The price of cake in New Zealand rose to $2,895 from $1,902.

In Australia, cake prices are up about $400 a year.

In New Zealand, cake is now priced at $4.99 from $4, a 20 per cent increase, according to data compiled by the ABC.

Australian consumer groups have been urging consumers to keep a close eye on their spending.