New Jersey officials to sue for $100 million over ‘sausage factory’

NEW JERSEY — A federal judge has ordered the state to pay $100,000 to the families of six employees who died at a sausage factory.

The families filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the state, claiming they were discriminated against when they were fired for their “unwanted” jobs at the Hoboken-based company, which employs about 80 people and employs about 30 people in New Jersey.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Newark accuses the Hobo Foods Inc. of “intentionally, recklessly, negligently and intentionally” violating workers’ rights.

Hoboken-area residents and business owners have long complained about the factory, which they say has become a magnet for crime.

The Hoboken mayor says he’s investigating whether the company’s owner, Steven T. Hobo, is responsible for the deaths of six workers.

Hobo Foods denies any wrongdoing.